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All American Gay
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Date:2009-09-20 14:40
Subject:Margaret Cho live at the National (my little review)!!!
Mood: happy

We went to got see Margaret Cho live in concert last night!!!

It was wonderful to have seen her but I'm miffed at the fact that since I'm signed up for her newsletter I only received the email on Thursday for a concert scheduled on Saturday! If I had concrete plans for the weekend I would have been sorely upset, especially since it was in a venue so close (well being in Richmond, which is 2 hours away from me, especially where I live, saying that its "close" is really quite sad.)

First off I've never been to Richmond, and quite frankly, I don't think I'll ever go back. The concert was held in what I believe is downtown Richmond. And it was practically like a ghost town. For a Saturday afternoon it was quite dead. Which I couldn't get over. One thing that intrigued me was on our way to the theater we saw the "Diversity Center". Which was this huge-ass warehouse like building literally painted in the rainbow colors (from top to bottom, no joke.) You could see it from the highway, or more accurately you can't miss it from the highway! Which leads me to believe that Richmond may have a gi-normous gay population. Maybe I will visit Richmond again. Must investigate further...

Onto the show...!

Margaret is trying something different with this foray into musical comedy. I was half gritting my teeth and half excited since I haven't seen Margaret live since the 2004 elections. I've always enjoyed her comedy but in recent years its gotten to be a little more politically directed which was enjoyable but it just seemed that everyone had something to say and didn't mind saying it. Well Margaret goes back to what made her most popular (in my opinion) which is SEX! She talks about sex from the get-go and touches on stuff from past acts just briefly, but really goes the distance with new stuff. The tie-in of her spoken comedy with the musical comedy was well done, if not at times a little scripted, but I was expecting that. I was a little surprised at how much I liked the musical bits, it wasn't overplayed or overdone and she can actually sing! She does a little bit of everything from rock to country. Her country song was actually quite good and she should release it as a single. Now I'm looking forward to her full musical comedy CD.
She had 2 opening acts, Ian Harvie and John Roberts.
I've seen Ian on LOGO's stand-up specials, he's a transgendered comedian, who is really cute, but into girls (yuck!) and he quoted a couple of stuff from past acts, which was still funny and I enjoyed alot of his stuff. He had a very short set (he wasn't even listed as an opening act). Which was kinda disappointing. 
I've never seen John Roberts before, he uses alot of wigs and different characters, very random and without explanation, which is part of his act. I didn't "get" alot of his comedy, but it was still funny nonetheless. And both Ian and John helped Margaret with her musical act which was nice.
The venue was small but clean. I've never been to the National at Richmond. Not at all what I expected from past shows, seeing that she is trying new material and new music it was a nice breath of fresh air, it didn't seem over-produced and your get that "down-home" and "one-on-one" experience.
A side note to anyone ever going to the National, have dinner at the restaurant next door, the "Gibson's Grill". If you already have your tickets and you get there early  enough you get priority seating before they start letting people into the theater from the line outside, since it was general admission and they didn't care about the seating numbers we actually got seats front row and center.

Apparently Margaret is having voice troubles, and is advised to not speak by her doctors. But why she's doing a tour AND singing now while all this is going on is beyond me. I really enjoyed the show and I highly recommend it to everyone (18 years and older that it!)

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Date:2009-06-25 11:19
Subject:My Life in Rewind
Mood: pleased

Well, it happened (again) I let my LJ writing fall to the gutter. Who didn’t see that coming? Anyhoo the past year has been a weird. One of  settling into old habits and rediscovering a lost passion.

Two words can pretty much sum up what I’ve been getting myself into: Comics and Dolls.



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Date:2009-06-15 23:00
Subject:Sad News
Mood: sad

A good friends of mine and my partner esprix , died yesterday. His name was Stuart.

He was a good soul and always made me laugh, we were never really close, but through all of Alan's stories I felt that I knew him well.

I will cherish the moments we spent together.

I can't believe he's gone.

He will be missed.

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Date:2008-03-12 22:22
Subject:Thanks. I feel even better about myself.

esprix just called me fat.

As if I didn't have enough body image issues. My own boyfriend thinks I'm a cow.


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Date:2008-01-10 10:00
Subject:This is amusing.
Mood: amused

I don't usually do these but I figured it was quick and fun and I got it from my friend Michael's blog.

This is called "FIRST REACTIONS QUIZ". You have to type the 1st thing that comes to mind whenever you hear these 36 things. You can't think and go back and change your answers. TIP: erase all of the other persons anwers first..that way u can think in blank

1. Beer: Delicious

2. McDonalds: clown

3. Relationships: hard

4.Color: red

5. Power Rangers: Derek

6. Weed: Yes please

7. Steroids: sure

8. Cartoons: kiddy

9. The President : sucks

10. Tupperware: everywhere

11. Florida: oranges

12. Santa: old fat man

13. Halloween: San Diego

14. Alice: Barbie

15. Grammar: Kelsey

16: Myspace: overplayed

17. Clowns: It

18. Marriage: equality

19. Paris: Eifel tower

20. Patricia: Heaton

21. Redheads: Carrot-top

22. Blondes: Reese Witherspoon

23. Pass the: car

24. One night stands: Why not?

25. Donald Trump: Bad hair

26. Neverland: Johnny Depp

27. Pixie sticks: Rainbow Bright

28. Vanilla ice cream: plain

30. High school musical: too much!

31. Pajamas: teddy bear

32. Woody: Woodpecker

33. Wet Socks: smelly

35. Love: too much work

36.River: Phoenix

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Date:2008-01-09 13:51
Subject:We really need a bathroom scale.
Mood: crazy

Hey, for the first time this year I went to the gym! WHoo-Hoo! So proud of me!

But it's not like any New Year's Resolution or anything, I stopped doing those a long time ago. Seriously, has anyone ever made one and stuck to it?

The holidays were not kind to me. Body -wise that is. I gained so much weight over the past few weeks I'm almost at my Iraq weight. Which was evident by weighing myself today and not liking the results.

Some of you may say that I'm crazy, that I don't need to lose weight, that I'm fine the way I am. And some of you may be wrong.

I first realized this when I went out clubbing last Saturday at the new gay spot called Town.

I was still getting over the flu (still am by the way) and I was just feeling horrendously unattractive. It's amazing how much psychology goes into my own body perceptions and how I think others see me. I don't even know why I care. I was never this way back when I was heavier in San Diego. I didn't give a shit. Now it's all I think about.

I guess my familial psychosis is finally setting in.


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Date:2008-01-09 10:17
Subject:You know you need to start losing weight when you can't even fit into your fat jeans anymore.

So, interesting thoughts going through my head this morning. I was thinking about my past loves (for what reason I can't recall) and it dawned on me, I couldn't remember some of their names! 

How horrible am I?

Well, let me clarify, when I say "loves" I mean serious one's where its both agreed upon that you are significant to each other and you've agreed to take it farther than just "I-have-a-free-minute-I-know-we-just-met-but-let's-fuck-behind-this-file-cabinet" type of "relationship".

One may argue, that, well since it's a significant relationship, how can you forget their name? Well it was at the time which makes me all the more awful that I can't remember their names.

Contrary to popular belief, before I met Alan, I really didn't date all that much. And my relationships aren't that many, which really pisses myself off since I can't remember their friggin' monikers!

It's been frustrating me.

SO I've decided to compile a list of all my past loves, and I ask everyone else to do the same, either here or in their own LJs/blogs/napkins/tampons, etc.

(For those who's answers require more than one page, please attach additional pages. Thanks!)

1. JoAnn
2. Edward
3. Rachelle
4. Neil
5. Boyfriend number 1 who I can't remember his name.
6. Randolf  - not a real boyfriend, but he considered me as such, even though the feeling wasn't mutual. But He was the sweetest guy ever.
7. Christian
8. Justin
9. Boyfriend number 2 who I can't remember his name.
10. Alan
11. Secret boyfriend number 1
12. Secret boyfriend number 2
13. Secret boyfriend number 3
14. Long distance secret boyfriend number 1
15. Secret boyfriend number 4
16. Secret asian boyfriend we don't like to talk about or admit number 1
17. Secret boyfriend number 5

Well, that's my list. Really not that fabulous but it's mine.

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Date:2008-01-07 09:19
Subject:HAppy NEw YEar! (Belated!!!)
Mood: happy

Well, its my first blog of 2008. I've been bad about blogging lately, mostly due to laziness not busy.

I may or may not post about the holiday vacation, we'll see.

I just wanted to post this video I got from one of my friends on facebook.

It's hilarious.

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Date:2007-12-22 01:04
Mood: sleepy

Happy belated (sorry, a day late!) to eatinmyjello 

Hope it was a good one!

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Date:2007-12-22 01:01
Mood: sleepy

Happy Birthdayz verix!!! and shaunskywalker!!!

Don't be too naughty.

 or not.

It's your day.

Go crazy!

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Date:2007-12-20 11:11
Mood: curious

 The campus is so empty.

I don't even know whether I should be here or not.  I wanna leave but I have this overwhelming sense/guilt of "You work. So you should be at work."

Like I feel it would look poorly on me if I just took off. Not that anyone is here or anything. Except the department's administrative assistant, and I always get the vibe from her that, "This kid is too young. He has no idea what he's doing. He's probably slacking. I'm gonna tell Bill (our boss). I can't believe he didn't come to work today. I'm gonna tell Bill. He's not working hard enough. Did he just take an extended lunch break? He left early today. I'm gonna tell Bill." 

All in one glance. I'm sure that's the paranoia setting in. But I can't help it.

I'm not even sure if Bill is here or not.

Thing is, if I do leave, where do I go? I can't go to the stores of the mall coz I spend all my money on Christmas gifts. 

I can't go home, coz its like an hour away.

And I'm working at the hospital tonight. And that would entail me driving back and forth and that's just a hassle.

So I've just been surfing youtube all morning. The thing is my connection at work is way better than home. Which kinda sucks.

I really need a need computer. I've been debating whether or not to get a Mac or PC. I like PC only coz its familiar and the thought of learning a new system hurts my hair. But I also deal a lot with graphics and some people I talked to say Mac's are good for that. I'm at a draw.

So here's a handy poll for y'all:

Poll #1109147 The Great Debate

What kind of computer should I get?


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Date:2007-12-17 15:44
Subject:Why should we care?
Mood: hopeful

This was posted in gsa_lj :

Why we care? Just a couple of assholes apologizing for being assholes? You could look at it that way. I like to look at it as people who felt so strongly about their own ignorance to share (and in some cases force)  it to others, realizing how wrong they were, gives me (and my cynical self) a faint glint of hope. Even for people hell-bent on "converting" everyone to their ideals.

But not for Bush.

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Date:2007-12-13 10:51
Subject:Busy busy busy...
Mood: relieved

For those of you keeping track, it's been forever since I last posted.

Ever since Thanksgiving break I fell so far behind with lectures I'be been eating-sleeping-freaking since we got back from Alan's mom's house.

A little update (especially for those of you who aren't LJ buddies with my Honey).

We got the kitties. It turns out they were sick (being so young and stuck in a shelter would do that to you I guess). Just an upper respiratory infection. They're lots better now. Although the boy has some ear-mites and they're both currently being treated for.

As to the whole name debate.

Well, I was hell-bent on naming them POSH and BECKS (well, duh. Who didn't see that one coming?) But Alan really didn't like that idea so we made a compromise. We each get to name one. So I stuck with POSH and he wanted to go with something that would make sense with her name ( a little) so he named him PRINCE.

And now some gratuitous kitty-shots! (stolen from my Honey's LJ)

The one on top is POSH and the white-faced one (and kinda cross-eyed)is PRINCE.

And here they are looking pleasantly annoyed.

I've never raised cats before so this is all new to me. But I don't regret the decision at all.

Even when they scratch the hell out of me.

Or wake us up at 5 in the morning coz they decide its time to eat again.

She started off being really distant and aloof, and He was just into everything. Now it's like a reversal, She's very sweet and loving and He's just like, "whatever". He does do this thing where he has to lick our faces and get up inside out noses. It's very strange. I'm not sure whether he's doing it coz he's being affectionate or coz he knows it annoys the piss out of us.

Other than the cat updates I can finally say I'm done with my last final exam as of yesterday! YAY!

It's been a helluva semester.

Out of 8 students, 4 dropped. 1 may be failing. 1 is putting the program on pause due to family obligations. So it looks like I'll only have 2 students next semester!

It's good in the fact coz now it will be more like a tutoring session instead of class.

Bad coz that just kinda sucks.

Well, it's all a learning experience for me and them.

With the holidays coming up everyone's having the usual Christmas partys. Even at the college. So if I go, I'll be bringing Alan with me. Which officially would mean that I'm coming out to my co-workers. Which kinda makes me nervous. I don't know why though. Maybe it's all those years in the military creeping up on me.

It's strange that even though I really despised that time in my life, how much of an impact it has on my life now. Just the other week I was dressed in a button-down and tie, and when I wa getting out of my car I couldn't leave without looking for my "cover" (FYI: cover is the military term for hat. And everytime we're in uniform and we step outside a building we must always wear our "cover")

Well, gotz to go. I only need to grade the last exam and I'll be officially done with this semester!

Thank God.

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Date:2007-11-12 15:30
Mood: happy

 Over this past weekend my honey and I finally decided to make that big step and adopted the cutest little kitties evah!

And we'll be picking them up by the end of the week from the vet!
I'm so excited, I've never owned a cat before, and now we get 2!

The only problem is we haven't picked out names yet! They're a boy and a girl and I have a couple of ideas but I'd like to solicit everyone for any suggestions you might have! 

Any thoughts?

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Date:2007-11-08 14:41
Subject:Betty La Fea et.al.
Mood: bouncy

I've been busy again this week.

Not only with work (we'll get back to that) but with trying to catch myself up on "Ugly Betty". I remember watching the first episode for season 1 and was pleasantly surprised. I found it light and somewhat campy and I actually didn't think it would last that long. Well now it's in its second season and all I've been hearing about it was good stuff. So I figured, I'll wait till it gets on DVD so I can watch it then.

Until Victoria Beckham decided to guest star.  Now, anyone who knows me, knows I totally worship this tired-looking, emaciated, plastic-boobied, looking like a bobble-headed female, so I you can imagine my excitement when it was announced she would guest. Well that was weeks ago and I still hadn't seen season 1. Then they announced the episode and it's showing tonight! Needless to say I bought the DVD (finally) this weekend and have spent the whole week trying to catch up so I won't get lost when I see the episode. 

Funny story when buying the DVD though, I got it at BJs and was in line at the self-checkout. So this bitch ahead of me obviously didn't know what the hell she was doing. I needed the cashier people to help her. Twice. After they leave she decides that she wasn't going through enough difficulty so she decides to call someone on her cell phone. And she had some heavy packages (did I mention this was at BJs?), so she was using one arm to hold her phone and the other one putting these big packs of prunes and whatever, obviously having difficulty. Gee, wouldn't it be easier if she hung up the phone and used 2 hands? At this point the people behind me were getting irritated. I could've helped her. But I didn't. Bitch thinks she can do it with one hand? Be my guest. It was 2:15 and I had a hair appointment at 3. I didn't care.

Take your time stupid. 

So she ends up scanning her shit more than once, her total came up to about 100 something. For prunes and mineral water. Go figure? She paid for all of it.


I was ok up until the second season, I know that since they don't have it out on DVD yet I'd be able to watch it online (courtesy of abc.com), so I started watching it only to realize ABC didn't post like the first 2 episodes of the season, but started the online episodes with the 3rd one. How retarded is that? Which kinda pisses me off, since I spend all this time "getting caught up" only to be lost and with episodes they didn't post. I know that they give a recap so I know what's going on, but it's totally different from knowing and watching. Know what I mean? If I just wanted to "know" what was going on I could just read Wikipedia or something. 


ABC is really starting to piss me off. First the whole "Filipino doctors suck" fiasco and now this? Which brings up another issue I have. I used to like Teri Hatcher but from what she said on "Desperate Housewives" I'm at a draw whether or not I should complete my collection of "Lois and Clark" DVDs. I know it was just a line and it wasn't really her per se, but I think she has enough intelligence to know what a racial slur sounds like and whatnot.

Back to work. Half of my class widthdrew. So now I literally have only 4 students left. I really didn't think it was that hard. Or even that I made it that hard, but I guess that's how it goes. It's kinda disappointing, but I have a slightly less workload now. And I can concentrate alot more on the students instead of worrying about a bigger class.

Anyways in happier news, I was driving down the highway and this bitch was riding my ass and was trying to get me to go faster so I could be her "cover" for speeding I guess. She was doing it for awhile, until she got pissed and sped pass me. It's times like that when you think, "Cops are useless. Where are they when you need them?" But not more than a mile away I see that same bitch pulled to the side and a cop writing her a ticket!


It made me smile.

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Date:2007-11-01 10:23
Subject:Post Halloween
Mood: creative

These past few years (actually since I moved to Maryland) I really haven't been in the Halloween spirit. I loved the dressing up part coz it's kinda cool when everyone else looks as ridiculous as you.

But I haven't really been to any party's and that kinda bums me out. Our friends down here were invited to an "exclusive" party where it was clothings optional after 10 pm. Which of course they didn't bother asking Alan or I to go, since it just usually ends up one big orgy. And Alan is a fizzlestick when it comes to party's.

I could understand why they didn't ask me along, but it still kinda pisses me off. Just because the candy is offered to me doesn't mean I'll take it. I like being the voyeur. It's fun to watch. But I wouldn't want to participate, so yeah that bummed me out even more.

I just hope that next year I can actually go to a party and not stay home and eat pork rinds.

But, in light of the Halloween spirit, if I were to go out I was thinking about doing my Egyptian thing. Only people at Pennsic have seen me, and it would be cool to show it off (last year we kinda just dressed up but never left the house).

So here's some pics of me at Pennsic's Blue Feather Ball courtesy of Korren.

The necklace and anklets were all beadwork and put together by a really awesome friend and artist Thalia Took,  she also did my make-up.

This is of me (my back) and my friend Alexandros. The detailing in the back of the necklace was really amazing too!


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Date:2007-10-21 15:17
Mood: aggravated

I've been drinking alcohol ever since I was... well I've been drinking for awhile now. And there's something that I never understood when it comes to getting drunk. 

It's the whole "not being able to control yourself from throwing up" thing.

We've all had the experience of vomiting I'm pretty sure. We come pretty close, but there's always that warning shot that gives you a few seconds to say to yourself "oh, hey, check it out, that didn't sit well with me, I think I'm gonna throw up" so your body actually has time to move to a different spot or if no time to move then you make a decision of throwing up on say, a tile floor that can be cleaned easier than someone's carpet or couch. Which if anyone's ever cleaned a carpet or couch from anything that's just a bitch to get rid of.

Alcohol is no excuse. I don't care if you get drunk of whatnot. And you weren't always drunk. There must be a point in time before you got drunk and were sober, and actually thought to yourself, "I'm not gonna drink till I puke" or even if you do decide "I will drink till I puke. But I have a plan for when I do". So chug chug away. 

I always have a plan when I drink. It usually goes like this "Ooh. Alcohol. I'm gonna drink till the bar is empty" Which for me is a good plan but 9 times out of 10 at best, nowadays (no matter how hard I try) I only get "buzzed". But I do know that the possibility of that one time where I might actually need to vomit, I make sure that when I do get to that point I know where I am and how far I need to get to the bathroom.   

So that's what's going through my sober head when I have my first drink.

And it's never happened. I've never thrown up anywhere where I know it's gonna be a bitch to clean up. Mostly I wait to there's a free toilet. 

There's only 3 instances in my drinking career where I didn't throw up in the toilet. Once was when I first started drinking heavily it was at the side of my friend's minivan. But mind you, it was outside and not inside.
The Next 2 times happened in succession. I had just gotten out of Boot Camp and hadn't had a long island in about 2 months. So I had 7. So I threw up on the lawn after getting out of the cab at the front gate of the base. Then I got to my barracks room and threw up in the trashcan. But it had a liner. So right after that I took the trashcan and disposed of the contents and cleaned it before going to bed.

So even though I wasn't in total control of myself I still didn't throw up anywhere it was difficult to clean, and I cleaned my own mess.

Where am I going with this? Well thrice now I've had the misfortune of experiencing those individuals who feel that "vomiting anywhere is cool as long as I'm drunk".

Not cool.

1. I had to clean up my carpets in the upstairs bedroom coz a so-called "friend" whom I don't speak with anymore took it upon himself to vomit in three separate places in the room.
2. Someone else throwing up in my kitchen sink. Which Alan had to clean up.
3. Someone throwing up in the backseat of my car. On the floor. On the seat. On my shoes. And on me. Last night.


Not really happy right now.

They don't say "drink responsibily" to make the ads sound prettier. 

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Date:2007-10-20 02:02
Subject:The Real Deal!
Mood: happy

comicsfan posted this pic awhile back, and there was something about it that was disturbing me. So I decided to fix it.

And here it is as it should be displayed:


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Date:2007-10-20 00:53
Subject:We're on LOGO baby!
Mood: crazy

Hey check this out!

While we were at Gaylaxicon a few weekends ago (which I haven't posted about coz I've been soooo busy!) my honey and I were interviewed for a new show on the logo network called Alien Boot Camp!

So cool! Just click on the link!

I was sooo drunk.

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Date:2007-10-18 13:31
Subject:Kathy Griffin has nothing on this J.C.!
Mood: amused

Ok. So I was walking through the store and saw this picture on the cover of a  CHRISTIAN calendar:

It's the "MasterPeace" collection. It showcases paintings that are inspirational.  Boy, was I inspired!

 Even if you don't have a dirty mind, you can't help but think "Why is Jesus ass-raping this hot guy?" 

So wrong.

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